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Message par Richard Philippe Guay le Jeu 31 Déc 2015 - 8:05

Il me semble que la SAQ avait acheté l'entreprise il y a quelques années ou je me trompe avec JJ Buckley... king


Richard Philippe Guay

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Wine Commune Empty Re: Wine Commune

Message par Yves Martineau le Jeu 31 Déc 2015 - 12:12

Il y a un lien direct entre les deux, ça semble être la même entreprise:

WineCommune Wine Sales has been rebranded as JJ Buckley Fine Wines

By January 1, 2007, all WineCommune direct wine sales will be rebranded under JJ Buckley Fine Wines.

JJ Buckley will continue to bring you daily $1 no reserve auctions in addition to offering direct sales.

WineCommune.com will remain a dynamic marketplace for wine lovers and professionals to buy and sell wine. But, for any purchases that you made directly from WineCommune, you will be buying from JJ Buckley Fine Wines.

WineCommune is not being sold.

JJ Buckley Fine Wines is brought to you by the same people who bring you WineCommune. Customer service and managers will be the same people you have dealt with on WineCommune.

All futures orders placed with WineCommune will be honored by JJ Buckley Fine Wines. In January 2007, any futures order holder will receive a written confirmation of their orders from JJ Buckley LLC.

JJ Buckley will sell wines on WineCommune as any other seller. Any wines sent for consignment to WineCommune will be sold by JJ Buckley and consignors will be paid by JJ Buckley. Our goal is to keep our business units distinct so they can each provide top service their customers, innovate and improve their services.
Yves Martineau
Yves Martineau

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