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Parodie hilarante de Parker

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Parodie hilarante de Parker

Message par Ludwig Desjardins le Jeu 3 Jan 2013 - 14:18

Je viens de tomber sur ce blog, une parodie hilarante de Robert Parker. Belle imitation de la plume et surtout plusieurs passages savoureux!


I invented perfect wines when I invented my 100 point scale. Until I came along, there were no perfect wines. I know perfect wines, and I’m telling you there are 19 perfect wines from the 2009 vintage. How do I define a perfect wine? I’ve always said that greatness is defined in wine by (1) the wine’s ability to stimulate the palate and the intellect in the 90 seconds I devote to deciding it’s perfect; (2) the difficulty normal people will have in obtaining it; (3) the ability to improve with age, especially financially; (4) me. The 2009’s indisputably meet these guidelines.

Ludwig Desjardins

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Re: Parodie hilarante de Parker

Message par Alain Landry le Jeu 3 Jan 2013 - 18:28

Parkenstein... they created a monster... Wink
Alain Landry

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