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Loring - offre

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Loring - offre

Message par Frederik Boivin le Lun 13 Juin 2011 - 16:04

Je vais commander les cuvées "blend" de Loring. Mon allocation est, disons, pas mal grande.

S'il y a des intéressés, faites moi signe d'ici mercredi par PM.

Les vins se vendent environ 25$ la bouteille, auquel il faut ajouter le transport ainsi que les douanes + frais SAQ. On parle d'environ 65$ par bouteille au total, donc.

Laissez moi savoir, donc. Engagement ferme seulement. paiement des bouteilles maintenant, et des frais afférants en temps et lieu - ce sont des futures qui seront envoyés en novembre-décembre.


2010 Loring Pinot AVA Blends - Futures Offer

2010 was an EPIC year for California Pinot Noir. While you've undoubtedly heard how cold it was in 2010, and how many areas had difficulty ripening fruit, Pinot Noir didn't suffer at all. At least not the areas where we source our fruit Smile In fact, with the long, cool growing season, we got nearly an extra month of hang time on the vine than in "normal" years. That resulted in awesome fruit and even more awesome wines!

The wines in barrel show both power and elegance. Very velvety in structure, with a density and purity of fruit beyond anything we've seen - while retaining a graceful feel to them. Hard to describe, but amazing to taste.

While somewhat similar to our 2009s, the 2010s will be a touch deeper and a bit more refined. If you liked the 2009, you'll love the 2010s!

AVA Pinot Futures Release
Russian River Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands, Sta. Rita Hills

Just like the 2009 vintage, we're extremely excited about the blends we'll be offering from the 2010 vintage. Every barrel in the winery is easily good enough to be part of the single vineyard wines, so we've decided that the blends will represent the "softer side of Loring". Don't worry - they'll still have plenty of stuffing - and they'll still scream LORING Smile So the barrels selected won't be lesser in quality, they'll just a bit softer or lighter in style. Blending across vineyards will add an extra layer of complexity that should make these extremely compelling wines - and at a very attractive price.

How attractive? $26.50 a bottle if you buy a six pack or $25.00 a bottle if you buy a twelve pack!

These wines won't ship until sometime in Nov-Dec (weather permitting). That's one of the reasons we offer them at such a great price.

We cut back on vineyard sources/acreage of Pinot Noir so that we could produce more Chardonnay. And then yields were down in 2010. Due to that, there won't be very much of these wines this vintage, and they'll only be made available to our mailing list customers. Don't wait too long to place your order, or you may miss out. Considering that two of the 2009s scored 93 points from Wine Spectator, and that the 2010s will easily be as good, you seriously don't want to miss these wines.

Sadly, we're going to have to start charging a little bit for shipping : ( We held the line as long as we could, but the most recent increases in fuel costs have forced us to take this step. We apologize for having to do this, but it's an unfortunate reality. We think you'll see we're not out to make a profit, or even cover the full cost of shipping. We just need to cover some of the increases we're seeing. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Frederik Boivin

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